When I was a kid living in a small town in Latin America, I only knew one place for Italian food: La Casa de Armando. He made the most delicious pizza I have ever tasted. It was a tradition to go to his restaurant once a month for most of…

Hello?? Sir??

Oh, yes hi. I’d like to buy a tomato. But wait, I need to make sure — are your vegetables locally grown? I want the classic Montserrat Tomato, not the cheap Brandywines knock-offs. Do you know the farmer’s name where this batch was harvested? If his name is…

Let’s cut to the chase, please.

I found therapy in the U.S a little flavorless. Maybe is just my luck, or maybe my health insurance premiums don’t allow me to see the top-tier options yet. I have spent whole sessions receiving nothing but “how does that make you feel?” and “what does that mean to you??”…

Nectar of the Gods

When I moved to my college town I was told that the coffee scene was vibrant and vivid. I wasn’t sure what that meant, to be honest, and I still don’t.

I have visited at least fifteen hipster coffee shops, and not once have I encountered a coffee that was…

“Wha do you mean you don’t do delivery in my neighborhood?”

I have lived in different cities in Latin America and Africa for over twenty years. Every country is different but also similar in some characteristics. These observations come from personal experience.

Traffic Lights are Only Recommendations

Driving in a third world country is tricky. Obeying the law requires a degree of common sense and audacity…

Misha: Buenos Dias!

Sergio: “Hello? Misha. Oh, finally! It’s me, Sergio, I have an emergency, I need your help!”

Misha: Oh, hi there friend!

Sergio: Dude, I need you to contact the police and the media but first, I need you to do one thing for me. I was kidnaped…

Misha Espinoza

Misha is a Venture Capital aficionador. He likes to talk in the third person. He lives near a lake and likes to drink strawberry smoothies.

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